How to Choose the Best Indian Bookmaker? Betting has gained massive popularity in recent years in India, where many people wager money on their favorite sports while a lot of newcomers join the league every year. If you are one of those newcomers and confused about where to start and how to choose the best […]

How to open a betting account in a bookmaker? Firstly, you will have to select a betting site you want to register with, and you should keep in mind some essential factors while selecting an online betting platform. Remember one thing, always go with a licensed platform; it ensures your funds’ safety and security. Take […]

Handicap in betting meaning Handicap betting is a way for bookmakers to make sports betting more fun. It actually makes the win in betting difficult, and hence gives an adrenaline rush to the bettors. Handicap betting requires a team to score one more goal than their handicap to win a bet. This is usually done […]

Toss Prediction — How to do the Fast prediction Sports betting is one of the most popular ways through which you can earn a make a maximum amount of money on investing a minimum amount. You should know that cricket is the most popular game on which most of the bettors wager their money and […]

History of Cricket in India Being England’s national summer sport, Cricket is now played throughout the world. It is the most beloved sport in India. Millions of lovers tune in on TV, watching local matches, or playing it themselves every year. Today, betting fanatics also started cricket betting online on mobile. Thanks to the technological […]

Terminology in cricket betting Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India, and there is no doubt about it. With an emerging fan base of cricket, another thing that also gained much popularity is the legal online cricket betting. It is such an engaging sport that offers players a chance of betting online. […]

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How To Bet On Cricket Online — Steps Guide If you’re a cricket fan looking to make some more money, you might be wondering how to bet on cricket? Indians are so passionate about cricket; it probably even eclipses the Romeo-Juliet and Laila-Majnu affair. Every cricket fan looks forward to the IPL season, Champions Trophy, […]