How To Bet Cricket Online

How To Bet On Cricket Online — Steps Guide

If you’re a cricket fan looking to make some more money, you might be wondering how to bet on cricket? Indians are so passionate about cricket; it probably even eclipses the Romeo-Juliet and Laila-Majnu affair.

Every cricket fan looks forward to the IPL season, Champions Trophy, T20 tournaments, or the World Cup to start.

Of them, many Indians are passionate about betting on cricket. They love to put their fair knowledge of the game to win some money – and why not?

Some are absolute beginners and need assistance on how cricket betting works. Their questions may include what sites to choose, betting tips and tricks, and mainly how to make a betting account and start betting.

This guide offers all the essential information required to bet on Cricket and win.

Choose the Best Bookmaker for Yourself

Beginners looking to bet online may be wondering how to bet on cricket and win. Don’t worry – here is the guide to help you bet on Indian cricket.

Reliability & Security:

First, is it a reliable site? Does it hold all the necessary gambling licenses for cricket in India? What is its reputation among fellow gamblers, are they comfortable with the site? Will your financial information be kept confidential and not be misused?

Terms & Conditions:

The T&Cs are very important, they usually lie in the shadows, but your gambling prospects depend on it. How stringent and rigid are the terms? Or are they flexible with gamblers?

Betting Options:

What types of betting options are available on the site? Is it just limited to the outcome of the cricket game? Or does the site also provide the opportunity to bet and predict game situations?


What are the odds on offer? Odds on a particular match always varies between different betting sites or bookmakers. Do some market survey pre-match and choose the bookmaker who gives you the privilege of obtaining maximum profit.

Deposit & Withdrawal method:

Can you fund in the way you want? If you are looking for a casino accepting Paytm, you may want to check if the option is on offer. Plus, you may want to make your payments in INR to avoid exchange rates.

Customer Support:

What if you cannot withdraw your account balance and winnings? What if you are unable to use promos offered to you? What if you have an issue with your paying method? You will need reliable customer support for that. Does the site offer only email support, or do you also have access to real-time chat?

Bonus and Free Bets:

If you are a new customer to a betting site, you can look forward to a bonus. It can be a free bet, or a promo, which usually involves payment of a deposit.

Top Betting Sites You Can Take a Look at

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How to Bet on Cricket in Bet365

How to bet on cricket on bet365
  1. Go to
  2. Create a Bet365 betting account if you haven’t already and then login.
  3. Select the ‘Sports’ tab on the top left of the homepage.
  4. From the various options of the sports menu, select ‘Cricket.’
  5. A betting menu consisting of the various games, tournaments, and betting markets will appear.
  6. Select the tournament or game that you want to bet on. For example, if it is a T20 match, you can choose the game of England vs. Pakistan. Subsequently, select from the available betting options, let’s assume you selected ‘To Win the match.’
  7. After you select the betting option, you will see the betting odds for each team. The betting odds are shown in different formats, namely Decimal, Fractional & American formats.
  8. Select the team that you want to wager your money on. Let’s say you have selected England to win the game at the odds of 1.53
  9. Your wager gets added to the right side or below as a tray on the website as a bet slip, specifying your betting market & odds. The bet slip is a table that will appear on clicking one or more betting options.
  10. You can then enter the amount that you want to wager. After you do that, you will be shown the amount you stand a chance to earn on winning. For example, on wagering 500 INR at the odds of 1.53, you stand the chance of winning 766.66 INR.
  11. Place your bet by selecting the option ‘Place Bet.’

This is how you bet on cricket in Bet365. For any issues faced, contact customer support of the betting site.

Creating a Betting Account

Choose your preferred betting site.

Navigate to the site, and select the ‘Register’ or ‘Sign Up’ option. You will now need to fill up the registration form, which usually includes the following details.

  • Personal Information: Full Name, Title, Date of Birth
  • Country of Residence
  • Contact information: Email id, contact number with country code
  • Address details: residence name, city name, city code, state name, postal code.
  • Login information: Username and password
  • You may be prompted to set a security question or a security code. It depends on the site you choose.
  • Preferences: Primary currency, time zone, odds display format.
  • After filling the form, you will be prompted to a checkbox that will ask you to confirm that you are 18 years or older. Select the checkbox if you are.
  • You will see the Terms and Conditions pop up. Click the checkbox to agree.
  • Now, click the ‘Join Now,’ ‘Submit,’ or ‘Proceed,’ option, whichever is available.

After you are signed up to the betting site and looking to deposit money into your betting account, you will be redirected to a page where you will need to enter your bank account details or other financial details.

Sometimes the bank account details page is assorted with the registration page.

Choose the Best Payment Method for Yourself

  • Go to the payments or add the money section of your betting account.
  • Select your preferred payment method by scrolling through and selecting the one you want.
  • Choose the choice of currency that you want. You can set it as primary in the settings.

How to choose the best payment method for yourself?

How will you know which is the best payment method for yourself? Here are some tips.

Paying through Bank

Choose bank account details. If you are sure that your bank servers won’t fail, and you can trust your financial details with the betting site.

Paying through Card

Choose your Credit or debit card, and every time you make a deposit online. You will have to enter your security code (CVV/CVC) and a high-security password (OTP).

Paying through your wallet

Choose electronic wallet options like Paytm, Phone Pe, Astropay, PayPal, Jio Pay, or Ola Pay. The money to your gambling account will directly be added from your e-wallet.

Paying through Crypto

You can choose the cryptocurrency option – should the site have one. Most often, you can use Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, if cryptocurrency is banned in your country, that is not an option you may want to take.

Other deposit options

Do note that you may not be able to withdraw money from your gambling account to some e-wallets like Astropay. For that, you will have to set an alternative.

Deposit Money in Your Betting Account

  • Select the option of ‘Bet’ or ‘Deposit’ when logged in your betting account.
  • Choose your preferred payment method.
  • Enter your bank details or e-wallet details or credit and debit card details.
  • Now, you have to enter your bank account password, CVC/CVV, or OTP.
  • The money will be successfully deposited to your betting account, and you will receive an email confirmation.

Know Your Bet Options

Here are the types of bet options available to you to bet on cricket and win.

  • Match winner or the tournament winner
  • Top Batsman or Bowler
  • Toss result
  • Man of the match
  • Score cast

Cricket Betting Advice

Are you searching for the best how to bet on cricket tips? Here are some guidelines that will help you bet on cricket tips in India.

Follow the top cricket blogs, websites, casino sites, social media influencers, critics commentary, and live updates of predictions for possible outcomes.

Keep a close watch on momentum shifts that develop during a match, like one team has started scoring runs at a higher rate, or a team who is quickly picking up wickets.

Do some homework about the teams involved in the game. Check their record for the last ten matches and when facing each other. Also, check their top performing players stats – for both home and away.

Here are a few other tips to help you.

  1. Bet as the experts do.
  2. Keep a close watch on pre-match developments.
  3. Follow live cricket scorecard betting strategy.
  4. Don’t get sucked in emotions for a player or a team, make wise and calculated decisions.
  5. Bet on the underdog if you feel daring, or bet on the favorites – it’s up to you!

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