About us

Hi, this paragraph was written for you by three people: can you imagine? People of different views, beliefs, religions managed to write one common piece of text. They were able to do this because they share a common goal: mass cricket adoption. Our main idea is to become the best in cricket-related content, and we are fully ready to support you in your endeavors. Every piece of content is carefully curated and verified by the people whose names appear below.

Our impressive team

Jason Kiraky

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Jason is the owner of this web resource. He has a doctorate in sports management and years of working with cricket teams. Having gained his experience, he decided to express it through the lens of CricketBetOnline in order to challenge himself again.

Karishma Laghari

Karishma is a sports journalist with a very impressive background. He approaches all cricket-related issues in a fundamental way, based not on emotion but on facts. His journalistic approach is rarely seen these days because the most important thing to him is the truth he follows.  On our team, he’s not just a journalist; he’s part of our entire ecosystem, which implies the most honest and grounded approach.

Why us? 

We could name a thousand reasons why you should choose us, but today, we’re just asking you for your trust. Below are the basic factors why you should stay tuned with cricket betting online, but we hope that our trusting relationship will grow into something more, and the question, “why us” will no longer have to be answered, and you will no longer have to ask.

  • A team of professionals who know their business 
  • Totally free content 
  • Lots of tutorials 
  • Simplicity of language 
  • Comfortable design 
  • 24/7 customer support