How to open betting account

How to open a betting account in a bookmaker?

Firstly, you will have to select a betting site you want to register with, and you should keep in mind some essential factors while selecting an online betting platform. Remember one thing, always go with a licensed platform; it ensures your funds’ safety and security. Take a look at the number of sports, events, and games offered and the bonuses and promotions you will be getting. Payment and withdrawal methods available should also be considered. Check the terms and conditions applied and read the reviews and feedback of other players regarding the betting platform. So before you select a website, make sure you do the proper research. Now, whichever site you choose, the registration process is almost identical. You will be asked to fill similar information on all the betting sites provided that they might be presented differently. The following are the essential steps you will find in a typical online bookmaker registration process.

Registration – To start playing on any online betting platform, you need to register with them. To register, you need to visit the official site of the betting platform. Some sites also have desktop software that is required to be downloaded beforehand. There you can find the option to sign-up. Click on the sign-up or create an account option to start the registration process.

Filling required information – The next step in the registration process is to fill out all the information, like your name, phone number, email, and date of birth, country, etc. Create a username and password and move forward.

Choose bonuses – It’s an additional step that you will find in some betting sites’ registration process. Some sites provide you with more than one welcome bonus, and you can choose the one that serves you best as per your preferences.

Verification – After you are done filling all the information, the number and the email will be verified by a one-time password sent on your mail or phone. You will also need to verify your identity, and for that, you have to submit a scanned document of your ID proof like a driver’s license, Aadhar card, or voter ID. You will have to submit the documents at the time of withdrawal.

Deposit money – Now that your registration and verification is completed, you can deposit money and start playing and betting. Firstly, you need to log-in to your betting account, select the payment method, fill all the details, and fill the amount you want to deposit and complete the deposit.

Start playing – Once done with the deposit, you will be able to browse the betting site’s game lobby. You can select the game you want to play, acquire the required coins or chips, and start playing the game. In sports betting, you will see the sports and events available to bet and the recent matches.

Withdraw winnings – The last step is to make a withdrawal of your winnings. The withdrawal process is simple. Visit the betting site and look for the withdrawal option, select the withdrawal method you want to use, fill the amount you want to withdraw, and make a withdrawal request. Your money will be transferred to your account according to the service of the respective site.

So, above, we mentioned the essential steps you will find in most sign-up procedures.

There are different types of games and betting options available on the bookmaker sites. Handicap betting is one of the most talked-about betting types and widely offered on betting sites. It is exciting and provides better odds. Many newcomers don’t understand this and miss out on some good opportunities. We have explained the working of Handicap betting so that the same does not happen to you.

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up to ₹10 000
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18+ Terms ApplyRead Review
18+ Terms ApplyRead Review

What is handicap betting?

Handicap betting is a popular betting type used to bet on some games and events on betting sites. It is done to make the simple game interesting and exciting to bet on and provide better odds to the players. Here’s how it works. For instance, If you get a 100m professional sprinter lined up against an average non-athlete person, you will always expect that the professional sprinter will win in every run. And you would not bet on this game as it is not that interesting and the odds are also not good enough. But if we give the non-professional runner a 50m head start, this will make the outcome less predictable, and the game will become exciting for betting. That head start is the favorable advantage given to the non-athlete for a fair chance at winning.

Handicap betting works in the same manner. In a match, an advantage is given to the team, which is less likely to win, to put forward a fair game and better odds for the players betting on it. So if it’s a football match between team A and team B, and if team A is a stronger contender to win the match, team B may be given a head start of two goals. If you are betting on team A, you will win only if team A scores more than the total number of gaols by team B plus the two goals head start. Now the game is more attractive as there can be more outcomes for you to bet on, and you have better odds at winning. Handicap betting is also done on the draw with different points, and in the league also handicap betting is utilized to make the betting intriguing. It is popular in Asia, known as Asian handicap betting.

Here you go, now you know how to open a betting account. We mentioned all the necessary information you need from registration, betting to playing, and withdrawals. Now you can create a betting account and start betting. We also discussed handicap betting, which makes online betting very exciting and is very popular in India. Go out there, create the betting account, and reap the benefits of online betting.

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