What is Cricket betting Odds?

Getting the best cricket betting odds is more than just half the battle. Few sportsbooks provide better betting rates than others on cricket, like Parimatch. It serves the professional market, offers up-to-date cricket odds on every match and tournament, and welcomes all bettors with open arms.

It is important to know betting odds, how they work, and how to use them correctly to make huge profits on sports betting. Thus, before you sign up at any bookmaker, perform cricket betting odds comparison and understand how much you can receive for the amount you are risking.

cricket betting odds

When you bet on sports online, you will be offered odds. Cricket odds are the numbers used by top online betting companies to show the probability of an outcome occurring and tell you how much they can payout for your winning bet.

The higher the odds are, the more are the payouts and fewer chances of winning relative to your stake. On the other hand, if the odds are lower, the less are payouts and high chances of winning.

Types of Odds

The format for online cricket betting odds can be different depending on where you reside. The most commonly used odds format includes Decimal, Fraction, and American:

Fractions Odds

They are famous in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Bookmaking shops and bookies at horse racing tracks use these odds. These types of odds follow the same rule as one unit stake. But in comparison to the decimal odds, it shows the amount of profit returned to you if you have one unit stake.

Decimals Odds

Decimal odds are more common in Asian countries. The format is a simple numerical representation of the betting return. It states how much amount you will receive if you bet 1 unit.

American Odds

American odds (also known as Moneyline odds) are used by the gambling sites that cater to the sports betting enthusiasts in the United States.

Thus, it’s your personal preference to decide what format to choose.

When it’s Released?

This can differ. For example, initial betting odds for an upcoming match may be available a few months earlier. However, those related to a particular match may just occur in one week before it takes place. It basically depends on what you are looking to bet on.

How to Use Odds in Betting?

Since the innovation of the Indian Premier League, online cricket betting has gained huge popularity. Today, it is also easy to place online bets on various cricket matches. You just need to select the right cricket betting platform, log in, and you get access to the cricket events. But successful cricket betting requires three things – excellent money management, discipline, and the ability to spot betting value constantly.

Most savvy sports betting aficionados know that gaining an edge in cricket betting odds live is an excellent way to build up sizable winnings. The competitive and dynamic odds on a wide variety of markets make this sports game even more exciting. It further offers cricket fanatics a chance to try their luck on different markets and win big.

Odds are the backbone of online cricket betting. As you know, how much your bet has won depends on the odds that you pick. Also, it is essential to understand that if the odds are lower, you will have higher chances of an event. Therefore, make sure you decide wisely.

Remember, Cricket betting is not just about selecting the winner of the betting market. It relies on many other factors if you intend to make a big in the long run. Make sure you do not stick to just one sportsbook for placing all your cricket bets. It is because other cricket betting sites might offer lucrative odds. If this happens, you might miss out on a plethora of profits.

Finding the premium cricket betting India site online for getting the best odds and broad market? Look no further than Parimatch. It has a proven track record in delivering the best prematch and live cricket betting odds so that punters can happily place the bets and watch the cricket betting entertainment.

Cricket odds may be tough to master. But they can be a real cash cow if you follow a powerful analytical approach. Most of the online betting websites use converters, for calculating odds.

During cricket betting, avoid going beyond a fixed amount that you can afford to lose. Remember, if you are not taking the best odds for your bets, you are losing money even when you win. Thus, it is not only about placing a profitable bet. Majorly, it is about the high cricket odds that actually make a big difference.

Best Tips to Read Betting Odds

Cricket betting begins with the information offered by the online bookmakers. Cricket odds can showcase more than just the probability of a winning team. It can also display information about the other bets placed on a player. Thus, the bets of other players can tip the scales in favor of a team with a minimal possibility of winning the match.

The base of any bet is the odds of a cricket team losing or winning a tournament. When it comes to cricket, the probabilities are complicated by the game you are selecting. For example, a Test match can last for five days, and you will not know the outcome for a long time.

Other factors can change throughout the match. Thus, make sure you have a clear idea of the prospects before the game begins. Finding the best cricket odds is a simple way to boost your potential profits from your cricket bets.

But to master the art of finding the best cricket odds, you need to be skilled at reverse-calculations of odds and predicting their movement.

Cricket odds typically move due to an event or occurrence that is important enough to affect the probability of a certain result. As cricket odds change, so make your potential profits.

Thus, it’s essential to know how to predict movements, mainly if you are planning a live betting. It will allow you to determine the most probable outcome and risk-prone markets. Remember, there is more to winning at cricket betting than simply just understanding the concept of odds and making accurate predictions.

Every punter should consider the following points before taking the diving in:

1. Track the Rivalries, Like the Border-Gavaskar Trophy

These types of cricket matches have a great historical significance that goes beyond weather conditions and odds. As you know, national teams play with high dedication and pride. Thus, it’s a signal that it will be a proper war.

2. Props Typically Have Great Cricket Odds

Props offer good odds on cricket. But there are also so many other things that you need to get familiar with to boost your chances of winning. You can choose one or two players and build a separate betting slip for prop bets.

3. Avoid Focusing Only on High Odds

Do not focus solely on the best odds, mainly if you have decided to bet on Test cricket matches. T20 matches are perfect for the high cricket odds because you can test your strategy with a single before the match. Thus, make sure you choose Live betting only for Test events.

Always remember, best online bookies follow today cricket betting odds and add them to their website. Once you understand the odds functioning, you are ready to place your online cricket bets on your selected cricket betting site.

In a nutshell, we can say that you should make use of the odds that not only provide you good returns in the short run but also in the future.

Where Do You Find Best Cricket Betting Odds?


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The different sportsbooks are in the race of providing the different odds. As a cricket betting fan, you should try out as many options as you can. But if you are browsing every legal betting site 2020 and checking their odds rather than heading to their official website, it consumes plenty of time.

Just note that the key strategy for becoming a winner in the long term depends on the odds. Switching from a regular online bookie to a new one might seem a little tough at first. However, if the other gambling provider has great odds, you need to make the change.

We recommend you to use Parimatch as it is a renowned and legit betting site. It offers 22 legitimate sports, including virtual sports, e-sports, and others. It has the highest possible odds on every sport you see on their site. The best odds will naturally increase your chances of winning for correctly predicting the result of an event.


Although it is okay to bet on cricket for fun, things get much more interesting when you mint huge profits. That is why you should always take sufficient time to acquire an excellent understanding of how bookmakers set the odds in cricket betting.

It is especially beneficial if you are new to cricket betting. It’s good to broaden your horizons and make a wise decision in picking the best cricket betting odds app or cricket betting site. Make sure you choose the betting site that offers all the interesting features that you want.