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While all support services are covering themselves with COVID-19 to work slower, we’ve developed a whole structure approach to your queries to answer you faster. Do you have questions? We have the answers!

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Wait, but before you ask, let’s take a quick look at our Q&A, which we developed specifically so that you don’t waste your time. We are fast, of course, but we are well aware of what it is like, the long and lingering wait in anticipation of an answer to your request.

Questions and Answers

Q: I’d like to throw a tomato at you because you’re doing something I don’t like.

A: Every tomato is always welcome, because we can make a pretty tasty tomato juice out of it, and if it helps us get better, then it gets more reason to drop them into the contact form below.

Q: I think you have made a mistake, 

A: Our editors work 24/7 to carefully deliver content to you, but as you understand, we’re all human and it’s common for us to sometimes make mistakes. If you find information that, for whatever reason, is not correct, fill out the contact form, and be sure to indicate where! We need to know which editor to throw a tomato at. 

Q: Actually, I’m just lonely, and I want to chat with you about cricket. 

A: We’re happy to support any kind of constructive conversation, and listen to your suggestions, so let’s chat! Psst, still the same form below. 

Q: I don’t understand your instructions, could you please advise me?

A: Try reading our guides several times, reading the instructions, and pressing all the buttons. Test the functionality of the whole site, and if you still have questions, go ahead, we’re waiting for your request.

Still wanna chat with us? 

We’ve talked a little bit about why you might want to talk to us, and here’s the promised Contact Us form! This is the much-anticipated point that we’ve been talking to you about, and it’s mentioned in every Q&A point. Stop reading this boring text and tell us what we can do to improve the functionality of the website. We are waiting!

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Why should you use our support team if you have questions?

  • We work 24/7 to carefully process every request you send to us.
  • Our support team is staffed by highly trained professionals who are thoroughly coached and are not going to respond with boilerplate phrases. It is important to us that each of your problems is solved in the shortest possible time, so that maybe you will recommend us to your friends. 
  • Our customer service is also geared toward people with disabilities. If you have any health problems, be sure to indicate on the application form so that our specially trained support person can process your request. We try to stay important and needed with everyone who uses our services, so we’re working steadily to implement additional forms for people with disabilities. Remember, no matter what your health problems are, we’re always happy to help everyone.