Cricket Betting Tips and Predictions

The vast majority of those who bet on cricket do so for entertainment. But for those who are serious about making a profit off the sport, developing a betting strategy is an absolute necessity. Parimatch experts provide free and latest betting tips on cricket matches.

Cricket Betting Tips

Why Parimatch?

Parimatch has experts and cricket tipsters who provide free cricket predictions and betting predictions for today’s match. The website offers a detailed description of today’s game and gives a head to head score of participating teams.


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It also provides information on current and past forms of players, injured players, or new additions to the unit that may be the important differentiator in the game’s result.

Types of Cricket Bets

Before you plunge into online cricket betting, you need to have a basic understanding of the different cricket bets:

Basic Cricket Bets

  • Match betting – By far, it is the most common form of cricket betting. You are betting on the result or the outcome of the match.
  • Tied Match – The bet goes by the name “Draw no bet,” which is most commonly used in test matches.
  • Series Winner – Betting on the winner of three or five-match series is also another common cricket bet. For example, the “Border- Gavaskar trophy” is a test series played between India and Australia.
  • Tournament Winner – It is a type of future bet that applies to tournaments such as the Cricket World cup, T20 World cup, and ICC Champions Trophy.

Cricket Team Bets

  • Toss winner – Bets can be placed on the winner of the coin toss at the start of the match. Add an extra element to the toss websites, allowing the bettor to indicate whether the chosen team will bat or ball.
  • Odd/Even runs scored – Bettors can also bid on whether the total runs scored during an over or an entire match to be odd or even.
  • First Innings Score – Predicting match scores is not easy, and top betting sites provide high odds on such predictions.
  • Most Match Sixes – The objective is to identify which team will score more sixes during a given match.
  • Most run-outs – The objective is to predict which team will inflict more run-outs during a given match.

Cricket Player Bets

  • Top Batsmen – The goal is to predict the top-scoring batsmen, which will score the most during the match. A bidder can also predict the most runs in the series by an individual.
  • Top Bowler – The goal is to predict the top-scoring bowler who will take the most wickets during the game. A bidder can also predict the most wickets taken by a bowler in the series.
  • Man of the Match – The goal of this is to predict the man of the competition or player of the series for the given game or series.
  • Century to be Scored in the Match – It is a simple yes or no wager where bidders can bet on whether a century will be scored in the game.

Cricket In-play Bets

  • Runs of the next match – The bet’s objective is to predict the runs scored off the next ball. You predict whether the next shot will be a dot ball or go for 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or a wide or no-ball.
  • Runs scored in 10 overs – Predicting whether the number of runs scored will be more or less than a certain amount.
  • Method of dismissal – While a batsman is still in the crease, wagers can be made to be dismissed. Six options are usually there: Bowled, Stumped, run out, Caught, LBW, or Hit wicket.

If you are ready to wager online, I suggest, which is an online betting company where you can also get free cricket betting tips.

Tournament Match Predictions

Parimatch provides top tournament match predictions of all the various cricket tournaments around the globe online on the website. This top-notch betting site covers all major cricket tournaments and matches:

  • ODI cricket world cup
  • T20 world cup
  • IPL
  • Big Bash
  • CPL
  • Blast, and much more.

Here you can find insights on your favorite players, teams, and tournaments, and expert analysis of the competitions and head to head games.

List of Major Cricket Tournaments:

ICC Cricket World Cup

It is the most important and prestigious tournament that takes place every four years. It is also the world’s most viewed cricket tournament. This event has four super 8, 6 also semi-finals and finals. Teams put their utmost effort in this tournament as it is considered the ultimate trophy of the championship.

ICC Champions Trophy

It is an ICC tournament and can be considered the second most important and prestigious competition after the world cup. It takes place every four years. It can be regarded as a mini world cup.

T20 World Cup

It is one of the most popular cricket tournaments and the shortest form of the sport. It is highly popular in all the nations and many small countries take part in this tournament. The excitement and energy are unimaginable.

Ashes Trophy

It is a massive clash of two historic nations that head to head for this iconic trophy. This tournament is played between England and Australia and one of the oldest competitions to date.

Indian Premier League

It is a domestic tournament in India that offers excitement and mouthwatering cricket action. It is the most viewed sports phenomenon in India and cricket players worldwide participate in this tournament.

Big Bash League

It is another domestic tournament which takes place in Australia. It is exciting and the shortest form of cricket, just like IPL, which makes it popular among the viewers. It is also famous for its high-flying sixes that are seen during the matches.

Commonwealth Bank Series

One of the most famous cricket tournaments, it is popularly called the CB series. It is an official Australian series where the hosts have won the series 19 out of 33 times. But it never disappoints fans and cricket lovers.

Parimatch offers great insight into all these tournaments and allows you to bet online with no worry. There are a lot of other domestic twenty over competitions such as BPL played in Bangladesh, CPL in the West Indies, etc. that you can choose from. Accurate predictions related to these tournaments can also be found here.

Focus on Specific Market

It is very important to focus on specific matches or markets when making the transition from recreational to professional-level betting. It is impossible to have detailed knowledge about every league or cricket tournament, teams, players, and others.

A good starting point would be domestic cricket, which is also well reported in the media or press and online. Indian Premier League is the biggest and top domestic tournament that takes place every year.

The Indian Premier League currently boasts ten cricket teams with a minimum squad strength of 16 players. Each team plays at least 14 matches each season, giving enough opportunity to punters to make bets.

Parimatch provides in-detail information of player stats, team head to head,

strengths and weaknesses in the teams, and line ups.

Cricket Betting Sites

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There are a lot of betting websites out there on the web. Here is a list of most common or used legal betting websites where you can start betting and get an immersive experience online.


Parimatch is currently a top legal betting website offering the best sports odds and predictions for both newbies and savvy punters. It offers 24*7 customer service, and people can access the site from the comfort of their homes or use a dedicated app while on-the-go.


Betway offers tons of cricket betting options, good payment methods, and a great live betting platform. They have been around for a short time but have built a good reputation.


Bet365 is also one of the top websites for online betting. They offer a great selection of cricket betting, including live betting.

Remember, restrictions for all offers may apply. You must be 18 years or older to begin betting.


There are many cricket betting markets and companies. Bet only on those who are familiar, well understood, and thoroughly researched. Avoid speculative or exotic wagers. Decide the types of bet to be made and the maximum amount to be risked before the start of the match. If you feel unsure, it is safer not to bet at all.

Knowing how teams have performed in their recent matches is the best way of predicting future performances. Winners tend to continue winning, just as losing teams find it difficult to break out of a slump. Hopefully, this article has given you some insights into the cricket betting world.