Want to bet on the live cricket score of a match? Everyone in India likes to watch cricket, even if you are not a die-hard fan of the sport, you have to admit that your heart skips a beat every time you watch Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma hit a ball out of the park.

Cricket has long been in the bloodstream of Indians – the game is a religion by itself, as many would say. With internet plans cheaper than ever for Indians today, many have started watching cricket matches online.

Even if you miss a game, you can open up your mobile browser and redirect to a ‘Live Cricket Score’ website, where you can access the live scorecard and ball-by-ball updates of the game.

Live cricket Score

Some websites – and mobile apps – that you can use to access live cricket score and match reports include:

  • Cricbuzz: News articles, insights into the cricket world, and trivia.
  • ESPN CricInfo: Ball by ball updates and in-match analysis.
  • Star Sports: Valuable analysis by experts and enthusiastic commentary.
  • NDTV Sports: Important statistics and a special player column.
  • IBNLive Cricketnext: You can see match schedules and get comprehensive coverage by experts.
  • Flashscore: All the breaking news and pregame player analysis.
  • Yahoo! Cricket: Cricket debates, reliable news, and a long legacy.
  • ICC-cricket: All the official news, cricketers’ interviews, and post-match analysis.

Live cricket score for Betting

Betting on cricket is like a tradition for Indian gamblers.

One of the best ways in online betting to gain some profit and keep it exciting is getting started with betting while you follow a live cricket scorecard.

Live betting is a good way of being alert with your betting odds, and as the cricket match unfolds, you can place your bets, the ones you can gamble on to get you a good amount of profits.

Live cricket scorecard betting may not be everyone’s cup of tea as many gamblers prefer to place their bets before the start of the game and then lay back and watch things unfold.

How does live cricket betting work?

Want to bet from the live cricket score India instantly? Here is what you need to do.

  • Bookie opens their odds, which is shortly available before the start of the match.
  • Select your bets.
  • Do some ‘line shopping’ and look for the best odds on your bets on various betting sites.
  • Keep refreshing betting sites for checking the availability of the best odds.
  • Pay close attention to the live cricket scorecard and any other developments that may occur during the match. Usually, the changes in odds are directly proportional to the change in scorecards.
  • Confirm your wager when you are ready.

What are the betting odds?

Odds is a term that is reserved to and finds application in gambling and statistics. Here, we are dealing with gambling. So, what are the odds?

It is a number or a figure that provides you the probability or prospect of a particular outcome, which is usually seen in a game.

Odds can be calculated as the ratio of the number of events that produce a particular outcome (for e.g., a Win, Loss, or Draw) to the number of events that do not.

Now how does odds come into play in live cricket betting?

For example, if there is a match to be played between India and Pakistan. The odds are stated as:

  • For India win: odds at 4.30
  • For Pakistan win: odds at 1.65
  • And for a draw: odds at 5.25

So, if you are wagering 1,000 INR on India for a win, your earning will be:

1,000 x 1.65 = 1650 INR.

You get your initial wager back, which is 1,000 INR plus your profit earned that is 650 INR.

So, the formula for calculating your earnings is:

Wager amount x betting odds = Payout

Similarly, if you are wagering 1,000 INR on Pakistan to win, your earning will be:

1000 x 4.30 = 4300 INR.

You get your initial wager back, which is 1,000 INR plus your profit earned that is 3,000 INR.

Important tips

  • The team which has a higher chance of winning is usually assigned with a larger number of odds.
  • Betting on the underdog can be risky, but very rewarding.
  • Do a proper analysis of both the teams that are playing in the game.
  • Analyze their past ten games record, their tournament record, their record against the opponent they are facing, and the record of their top players.

What is the importance of betting odds?

Let us consider a simple example of how odds which are directly proportional to live cricket scorecards will affect your betting and earnings.

Two bettors, A & B, who are pretty skilled at picking winning bets, are at an average of 70%. Individual A on an average receives odds at 1.90, and individual B who prefers to browse through betting sites for a bit gets odds at 2.0 on an average.

If they are both betting on 1000 games a year, their wins will be capped at 700 and losses at 300. And if they are betting 1000 INR on each match, their results will be as follows:

Net winnings for bettor A:

700 * 0.9 + 300 * (-1) = 330 * 1000 = 330,000 INR

Net winnings for bettor B:

700 * 1.0 + 300 * (-1) = 400 * 1000 = 400,000 INR

That is a difference of 70,000 INR in their yearly profit.

How to choose the best betting odds?

How to choose best betting odds
  • Tip 1: Browse through bookies or betting sites for the chances of coming through the best betting odds. It can be called as ‘line shopping’.
  • Tip 2: Keep your funds with a minimum of two betting sites that you know provide good odds.
  • Tip 3: Research more betting platforms and sites. Research on blogs and guide websites that keep up with the things going on in the betting world. Follow influencers and bettors on social media.
  • Tip 4: Check the most reputed sites that offer the best betting odds. Also, check the history of what betting odds they have offered in particular games.
  • Tip 5: Mainstream sports and games have odds that are usually nominal/ordinary. If you are interested in earning a good amount of money, you may want to bet on sports that aren’t too mainstream. But also make sure that a good number of people watch and bet on it, or where will you expect to earn money from?

Start your betting career with live cricket score

We have talked about the best online live cricket scorecards in India.

We have talked about what betting odds are and how you can make the most out of live betting and cricket scorecards.

Now let us get to start your betting career by utilizing this knowledge as an asset.

Things to consider before choosing the best cricket betting sites

  • Trust & Reputation: Are they licensed? What are its reviews? Is your personal information safe with them?
  • Money deposit & withdrawal methods: Is it convenient for you? Is your preferred mode of pay present? How fast will the withdrawals be? What currencies does it deal in?
  • Betting markets & options: Is the betting just limited to the outcome of the match? Or does it also include avenues like a top batsman, bowler, who wins the toss, or who is the man of the match.
  • Betting odds & pricing: Like previously stressed, betting odds are very important and are detrimental to your profit, so choose wisely!
  • Mobile friendly: Is the betting site mobile friendly? Does it have a mobile app that is convenient to use?
  • Terms & Conditions: How stringent are they? What are the special requirements? What is the minimum deposit amount according to T&C’s?
  • Customer Support: How good is their customer support? Will they be there for you when the need arises?

Best and reputed cricket betting sites for Promos and Bonuses

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Types of bets in cricket:

  • Match or tournament winner: Arguably the most popular type of bet, on which most people wager and therefore you should too.
  • Top Batsman/Bowler: You will have to bet on your best batsman who will score the most runs or the bowler who will end up with the best figures at the end. Although there is a catch, if your players do not get to play, i.e., bat or bowl, obviously your bet becomes void. So this is another advantage of live cricket betting, as you can change your bets.
  • Toss Winner: A very simple bet, and based on your luck, just predict which team will win the toss.
  • Top score cast: It is your bet on the first player to score and the last player to score in the game.
  • Man of the Match: Bet on the player who you think will be the best performer of the game.
  • Highest opening partnership Sounds simple, bet on the opening batsmen of the team, which you think will create the best opening partnership.

Types of cricket betting odds

  • Fractional betting odds
  • Decimal betting odds
  • American betting odds

Some important tips that will help you in live cricket betting

Know your sport

It goes without saying. If you do not know about cricket and the team you are betting on, then please learn about it, or you may suffer losses.

Look for momentum shifts in the match.

Is a team scoring a lot of runs? Is the opposite team gaining wickets? Where is energy riding?

Don’t be too eager and impatient

Watch the game, don’t put in big money right away on emotions. The analysis is also important.

Watch closely

The biggest advantage of live betting like mentioned several times previously are the changing betting odds on gambling sites. So, keep a tight watch and capitalize on a good opportunity.

Research on the background and playing styles of the teams.

The history of their games in the tournament. Chokers have a habit of choking at the end; finishers have a habit of finishing in the end, underdogs have a habit of turning things around. How many times have we seen it happen in IPL?

See what the experts are betting on

It has been an age-old strategy of following the experts. Be it the stock market, forex, opening businesses, reading books, or betting/gambling. The experts have always been a source of inspiration and success. But also, don’t forget, the experts can sometimes be wrong too.

Utilize the promos or bonuses

Many betting sites offer exciting bonuses on particular cricket matches and tournaments! Sign up to a new betting site and capitalize on the new player bonus that is offered by these sites.

Betting with a live cricket score is both exciting and fun. And you have all you need to get started. We have covered several avenues, like what is live cricket scorecard and live betting. You will now know what are the odd and how to choose the best odds.

You are also able to decide what types of bets you can put or the best betting sites you can trust.