Cricket Betting Terminology

Terminology in cricket betting

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India, and there is no doubt about it. With an emerging fan base of cricket, another thing that also gained much popularity is the legal online cricket betting. It is such an engaging sport that offers players a chance of betting online.

Numerous betting sites have enhanced their services to offer this type of online cricket betting among the players to make them earn real cash money. Due to the advancement of technology, players can understand the match predictions well, get essential tips on how the online cricket betting works, and where to invest your money.

Online betting platforms provide all the necessary information about this sport, unique features, news, live scores, stats, and the teams’ current scenario.

Nowadays, bookmakers offer a detailed list of great cricket betting markets. It can be betting on T20s, ODIs, or test cricket. The most preferred online cricket betting markets include a number of boundaries, a man of the match, highest runs, the most number of wickets taken, series winner, match outcomes, etc.

Betting Terminologies

Being an amazing sport to place bets legally, this sport offers an exclusive range of options on which the punters can bet. It might last for one day, or for five consecutive days. Online cricket betting has gained a vast amount of popularity, and the whole credit goes to several amazing betting platforms that explained the entire process involved in the online betting easily.

These betting platforms tell players how the cricket betting odds work, the different strategies, and the most popular types of cricket bets.

Here are some terms that a player must always keep in mind while betting on cricket:

1st Over Total Run

In this term, the player has to predict whether the runs scored in the first over will be “above” or “under” the betting bookmaker’s specific limit.

1st Wicket Method

In this prediction, the player has to predict how the first wicket will be taken. Generally, there are six different ways that include caught, stumped, bowled, run out, LBW, and others.

A Half or Full Century to be scored in the first Innings

There are two different betting markets here. Both of these betting markets usually work with the number of runs scored in the first innings. Usually, there are two possible bets; Yes, or No. These types of cricket bets are mostly offered in the test matches.

A Half or a Full Century to be scored in the first match

This bet also includes two different betting markets. The entire cricket match is taken into consideration. The number of half-centuries and full centuries a player can score in the entire game plays a significant role in these types of bets. It is mostly offered in the T20 matches.

Bestman Matches — Cricket Terminology

Batsman Matches

Both the betting provider and the batsman form an imaginary duel between them with the highest number of runs scored wins the duel.

Dead Heat

It is a prediction in which there are two or more number of winners. If the two batsmen have scored the same number of runs, this particular rule is applied, and the exact value of the bet is separated into half.

Draw No Bet

This particular bet only works when there is a probability that the match is likely going to draw. Only two outcomes are possible in this type of betting market.


This kind of bet will happen in a sports event that will take place in the future.


In this bet, the betting provider will place wagers on the other sides. It is usually done to eliminate losses if you have lost the original bet.

Highest Opening Partnership

It is a betting market that deals with the opening partnership with the highest number of runs scored.


This term is referred to when the predicted bet is an easy win.

Man of the Match

In this bet, the prediction is made on a particular player who will perform the best.

Most Match Sixes

In this bet, the bettor has to predict which team will hit the most number of sixes.

Most Run Outs

This prediction is based on the team who is able to take most run-outs while fielding.


A bet placed on the total number of runs scored by a team will be more or less than the betting providers.

Point Spread

It is a betting market where a particular team is most likely to beat their rival team on the basis of strength.

Series Score

In this, bets are placed on the possible outcomes of the matches that are yet to be played, in one single series.

Team to make highest first six overs

The team that scores the highest number of runs in the first six overs will win the bet.

To win the match

Prediction is made on the team, which will most likely win.

To win the toss

Prediction is made on the team, which will most likely win the toss.

Top Match Batsman

In this prediction, bets can be placed on both the team’s batsmen who score the highest number of runs in the match.

Cricket Betting Terms

Top Team Batsman

Prediction is made on the batsman of one particular team that will score the highest runs.

Top Team Bowler

Prediction is made on the bowler, who will take the highest number of wickets.


This type of bet is placed on a particular team that is expected to lose the game.


Value means getting the best betting odds on a particular bet.

The Most Popular Cricket Bets

Now, we will discuss about the popular cricket bets. In this section, you will know about the most popular cricket bets that you can place to earn a significant amount of money. If you are a beginner, this section will help you, as you can find the bets that are a good fit for you.

Match Betting

The most common type of cricket bet is the match betting. It is a simple bet where you have to choose from three different possibilities. You can either choose if you think that the away team will win, the home team will win, or the match will draw. Due to its simplicity, this bet is most popular in the cricket betting industry.

Completed Match

It is applicable for one-daay matches, where you can place bets if you think that the game will be completed by the end of the day or not. If you think that the weather or some other complications can impact the game, then you might predict that the game will not finish that day. For this bet, you will have to choose “Yes” or “No,” if the game will be completed on the day as scheduled.

Tied Match

Another amazing cricket bet where you have to select Yes or No if you think that the match will draw. If your prediction is correct, then you will win the wager. Usually, this particular bet contains the highest betting odds.


Betting on cricket is an amazing way to understand more about your favorite sport. If you are new to the betting world, take the necessary time to mold yourself into it. You will always want to start with small wagering amounts on some of the most common bets mentioned above. As you move further and gain higher experience, you will start going for more complex bets.

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